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Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Carmel Loses Annexation Battle

The Hamilton County neighborhood of Home Point won at the trial court level yesterday in its battle with the City of Carmel over annexation. Judge William Hughes ruled that Carmel had not demonstrated that it could afford to provide services to the target area.

It was a victory for Home Point's attorney, Steve Buschmann.

More on this can be found in Bill Ruthhart's story in the Indianapolis STAR here.

Annexation is an interesting topic.

I was forcibly annexed by Fort Wayne a couple of years ago.

I find it interesting that most recent annexations (ALL OF THE FORT WAYNE ANNEXATIONS) were approved by Republican Mayor's and City Council's.

Carmel certainly is all Republican as well.

Once, not so long ago, The Republicans were for smaller government. Does anyone elses remember that time?

I bet Mitch Harper does...
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