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Thursday, October 13, 2005

The End of the News-Sentinel As We Know It?

Derrick Gingery has a provocative article at the Greater Fort Wayne Business Weekly. Gingery is reporting that the Executive Editor Linda Austin has talked to staffers about a plan to convert the Fort Wayne News-Sentinel to an online edition with occasional - meaning less than daily - special sections over the next two years.

Could it be that it won't just be Leo Morris blogging at what once had been Fort Wayne's largest daily circulation newspaper. Is the Kevin Leininger blog far behind?

Some observers had wondered whether the Knight-Ridder investment in the massive new printing plant for Fort Wayne newspapers wasn't part of a plan to get the property "detailed for retail." The speculation stemmed from the recent sale of the KRN-owned Detroit Free Press after completion of a new printing plant for that paper.

What Gingery doesn't cover - and probably won't - is some speculation around town that KPC Media Group, Inc., the parent company of the Greater Fort Wayne Business Weekly, might someday launch a daily to serve Allen County.

Leo doesn't understand that all of these folks are not out to harm him and his fellows. They simply have come to distrust his newspaper, managed from California or Florida or wherever. It is a problem he should be addressing with the ferver of a one-armed sailor bailing out a dingy, not wasting his time cussing at us seagulls.
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