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Saturday, October 22, 2005

Huntington Church of Christ Split Now in Court - TRO Issued

St. Peter's Voted to Disaffiliate from the United Church of Christ Over Same-Sex Marriage

The Huntington Herald-Press reports that a temporary restraining order was granted Friday by the Huntington County Circuit Court concerning St. Peter's United Church of Christ.
The split follows a Sept. 18 congregational vote by the to leave the 1.5-million-member United Church of Christ after the church's General Synod voted July 4 to allow congregations to hold same-sex marriages. By 115-92 margin, a faction led by Royer carried the day, and a vote was set for last Sunday to change the name of the church to reflect its separation from the UCC denomination. The restraining order delayed that vote.

Huntington Superior Judge Jeffrey Heffelfinger, sitting as judge pro tem of Huntington Circuit Court, granted the order forbidding anyone from changing the name of the church, altering its constitution and bylaws, or doing anything to jeopardize the church's tax-exempt status or convert any of its assets. The order also requires that any collections or gifts to the church be placed in a trust.

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