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Monday, October 17, 2005

Jim Kelley - a giant here; a giant in Moldova

Jim Kelley was a giant presence in Fort Wayne. He was also a giant in the struggling country of Moldova. Following the collapse of the Soviet Union, Jim Kelley devoted his time, his talent and money to helping the people and the economy of Moldova.

It was just a few weeks ago I was talking with Mick Lomont of New Haven about his brother, Jim, who heads the Kelley Grains operations in Moldova.

The Journal-Gazette covered Jim Lomont in a story from 2003 when he had returned to Allen County for a few weeks. He had invited Kelley Grains employees, some Moldovan farmers and agricultural specialists to accompany him back to the United States to look at American agricultural practices and to purchase needed farm equipment.

Additional: Jim Kelley talks about Moldova, business success, and passion at Tri-State University in 2002.
1999 story regarding the Kelleys, Moldova, and the start of Kelley Racing.

MORE: Released October 17, 2005

U.S. Sen. Richard Lugar made the following statement on James E. Kelley, of Fort Wayne, who died Sunday at age 87:

“Jim Kelley embodied that special Hoosier spirit of entrepreneurial and civic leadership. During a long and successful career, and an equally fulfilling life, Jim never ceased to explore new and different opportunities to create jobs and better opportunities for people in Indiana, and throughout the world. Jim Kelley will be missed, but his life of risk-taking, friendship and helping others lives on as a roadmap for all of us who follow his dedication to the future.”

Contact: Andy Fisher (Office of Senator Lugar) 202-224-2079 andy_fisher@lugar.senate.gov

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