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Friday, October 21, 2005

Journalist Sued by Former Employer for Talking Out of School

Sinclair News Central LLC is suing former Washington Bureau Chief Jonathan S. Leiberman in Baltimore County Circuit Court.

Why? As Caryn Tamber reports in the
Daily Record: "[i]n a lawsuit filed late last week in Baltimore County Circuit Court, Sinclair accuses Jonathan S. Leiberman of violating the terms of his contract by speaking about the inner workings of the company without permission...".

Tamber quoted directly from the initial complaint:
"Leiberman spoke to the media without permission and divulged confidential and proprietary NewsCentral information to individuals outside of the organization," the suit reads. "In fact, Leiberman admitted to the media after his termination that he violated Company policy, and knew that termination of his employment was a possible consequence of his breach of his Agreement."
Sinclair's employment contract has a particularly severe liquidated damages provision in its employment contract for employees who are terminated for cause. Sinclair is seeking recovery on that provision from Leiberman. The liquidated damages consist of a percentage of the employees compensation.

Anyone want to weigh in on the provisions in the employment contracts of Indiana news media employees and the willingness of employers here to seek after-dismissal enforcement?

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