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Saturday, October 22, 2005

Ohio and Michigan in Battle; Indiana Outside the Fray

The classic division between conservatives and liberals is often described in terms of pie. Liberals believe the pie should be cut into equal slices; conservatives believe the answer lies in creating a bigger pie.

Indiana Parley has scanned the regional news and found news of two groups who really do believe in making a bigger pie. One is just over the line in New Bremen, Ohio, and the other is in Michigan. The groups are contesting the title of "World's Largest Pie." Each pumpkin pie was made earlier this month.

The Lima News covers the battling claims. The Celina Daily-Standard has the original New Bremen story.

So enjoy a little light reading this weekend. But to bring this back a bit to our mission Indiana Parley takes note that these efforts occurred in our neighboring states.

So, what is Indiana doing to make a bigger pie?

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