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Thursday, October 20, 2005

Podcast University. Will Purdue be Renamed?

Purdue lecture missed? No problem, just catch it on a podcast. Today's Chicago TRIBUNE carried a front page story by Jodi S. Cohen that featured Purdue Senior Marcos Kohler and his iPod.
When Purdue University senior Marcos Kohler skipped a physics class to attend a concert in Chicago, he didn't have to borrow a classmate's notes to catch up.

Instead, he connected his iPod to a computer, downloaded the lecture, and from the comfort of a campus coffee shop, listened to the two-hour discussion on particle physics.
"It re-creates the entire class experience," said Kohler, 22, who missed another lecture at the West Lafayette, Ind., campus when he overslept for the 1:30 p.m. class.
Our colleague at The Dogwood Files noted a USA Today story on the decreasing percentage of males attending college. Women now make up 57% of underclassmen. Maybe there needs to be a college for men consisting of podcast lectures recorded by the female students. Wabash College needs to think about this.

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