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Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Bank One No More

The Bank One name will disappear in Indiana over the next week as the new name of Chase Bank is introduced.

The following is my attempt to recount from memory the lineage of the new Chase Bank in Fort Wayne: Bank One in Fort Wayne was formerly known as NBD. NBD bought Summit Bank which had been formed from the mergers of People's Trust Bank, Indiana Bank & Trust, and Anthony Wayne Bank. Anthony Wayne had been born out of the Morris Plan in Fort Wayne. Indiana Bank & Trust was the former Dime Bank.

I think you've got it. I believe it was still Indiana Bank and Trust when we moved to Fort Wayne in 1986 but with all the mergers and the very appropriate illustration, my memory could be faulty. I do know that I briefly held a bank account at Anthony Wayne in 1972, when I was here for a short while. What has happened here has happened everywhere, in fact, it might have taken a bit longer to get here.
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