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Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Bart on the Brink

Last September, Indianapolis Mayor Bart Peterson traveled to northeast Indiana to speak at the Thomas R. Marshall Dinner of the Whitley County Democratic party. The report of his remarks by Angela Jones in the Columbia City Post & Mail had an interesting account.
Of the recent agreement for the $920 million Indianapolis Colts stadium project, Peterson said it was worked out so that none of the cost is coming from Hoosier taxpayers.
Now, c'mon. What all was in House Bill 1120 passed by the 2005 legislature? The Indianapolis Star enumerated the various taxes:
• Hotel taxes: Marion County hotel tax increases to 9 percent from the current 6 percent. This is on top of the 6 percent state sales tax.

• Car rental taxes: Marion County car rental tax would double, to 4 percent.

• Restaurant taxes: Marion County would double its food and beverage tax, to 2 percent. Meantime, neighboring suburban counties are expected to implement 1 percent restaurant taxes, giving half to the stadium and keeping the other half.

• Admissions tax: This tax, charged on Colts tickets, would increase to 6 percent from 5 percent.

• Ticket taxes: If necessary, the new state stadium board can implement an additional $3 tax on Colts tickets and a $1 tax on tickets to other events at the stadium.
The Mayor also talked about his program to help develop young people interested in government. Jones wrote:
Peterson announced a summit called "Leaders on the Brink" his office is working on. It will be held in Indianapolis in November. The summit is designed to teach younger people how they can become involved in government and how to win elections.
"Leaders on the Brink" of success... or disaster? The Mayor's title for the program didn't complete the phrase. Maybe the Mayor or his staff were just being realistic. Politics can lead to either outcome or sometimes both in the same career.

The mayor has also insisted that the property tax is not involved. He has never attempted to explain how elimination of large segments of the assessed valuation FAILS to increase the tax on the poor suckers remaining. Of course, no enterprising investigative reporter has ever asked him that question. Media research seems to have been limited to making sure press releases are quoted correctly.
Mitch Mitch Mitch-

Reporting on a story that is nearly 3 months old!

What he said was that it was not supported by PROPERTY TAXES.

If you do not like HB1120- talk to the Republicans that voted "yes" (see, they are the majority party in this State)
The reason I referenced the story was the Mayor's cutting of police officer positions.
As for property taxes, see comment number 1.
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