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Tuesday, November 22, 2005

CBS Orders Up Full Season of "Close to Home"

Announcement made Tuesday

The CBS Television Network will make at least one reader of Indiana Parley (IP) happy. CBS announced Tuesday that the series "Close to Home" will be picked up for the whole season. Strong viewership for the series after the move to Friday during sweeps month has secured its future.

Why will it make one reader of IP happy? Because that reader commented recently that
IP seemed to be devoting too much bandwith to a show the reader regarded as "krep."

IP is pleased to note that it will probably stop giving weekly reports on the show's ratings now that it has been granted a successful run. We can now devote more of IP's resources to its main job of saving the Republic and securing the rights of free men and women.

"Close to Home" is a drama set in Indianapolis. It is written by James Leonard, Jr., a 1974 graduate of New Haven Senior High School and a 1978 graduate of Hanover College.

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