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Thursday, November 03, 2005

Coliseum to Host the Komets, the Annual Vera Bradley Sale...and Flu Patients

WANE-TV News Channel 15 is reporting that it has learned some of what will likely be included in the Fort Wayne-Allen County Board of Health pandemic flu plan when the plan is released after the first of the year.
She [Dr. Deborah McMahan, Health Commissioner] says when the pandemic breaks out, the community will need to be able to provide a certain level of service on its own. For instance, a mass treatment center with thousands of beds could be set-up at the Memorial Coliseum. If there are no anti-viral medicines or vaccine available, people could be supported by IV fluid, portable ventilators, and respiratory systems. Since those things require money, the Health Commisioner would like to see federal funds in local hands soon.

Hopefully the sick people won't have to climb up to the cheap seats.....the vertigo will kill them.
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