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Friday, November 04, 2005

Conspiracy Theorists Warn of Republican Takeover of Knight-Ridder

The following is from a feverish post in Editor & Publisher headed " Knight Ridder Reporter Warns of Hostile Takeover--with Political Twist?
As reports swirl that KR could or should be sold, under new pressure from what he calls a "pro-GOP" big investor, a longtime Philly Daily News scribe charges that this would be "bad news" for the chain--and all of American media".

So, now we are being led to believe that Knight-Ridder is not in play because its been an undervalued investment. Nosiree, it's a conspiracy by the Republicans! Ooh, watch out, Halliburton is hiding behind that tree over there!

More: Here's an analysis by another writer who appears to have written his column while at 98.6 degrees.

This is a fast-moving story but my financial friends say it may boil down to just this:

An investor is assessing a widget company that appears well-run and reasonably financed. There is one obvious problem: The plant manager (prevailing newsroom culture) insists on shooting every third customer. The investor calculates that if he fires the manager, or at least disarms him, he could realize a 33 percent increase in sales.
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