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Friday, November 18, 2005

First Parley Poll Results

Parley Poll Results Show Fries in Front for Allen County Sheriff.

The results of the first Parley Poll are in. The final results show Ken Fries the leader with 65% of the votes cast in the online poll. Fries is a lieutenant with the Allen County Sheriff's Department. He heads the Detective division and is commander of the Allen County SWAT team.


Foster, Mike 8%
Fries, Ken 65%
Keesler, Mike 16%
Rhoades, Tom 11%

108 votes total were cast in the online poll.

Mike Foster is an Allen County Police Reserve member. ACPD Lieutenant Mike Keesler is with the Warrants and Fugitive Division. Tom Rhoades holds the rank of captain in the Fort Wayne Police Department.

While the results of the poll are non-toxic, non-fattening, and are not known to cause cavities they do carry the warning that the poll is unabashedly non-scientific. Be careful driving or operating heavy machinery after viewing the poll results.

Poll ran from 5 AM November 9, 2005 to 7 AM on November 18, 2005.

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