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Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Indiana High School Streaker Punished

This story from Northwest Indiana involves a streaker, former East Allen County Schools Superintendent Michael Benway, and a discussion of just how long a reach a public school has in punishing a student.

The story from The Times of Northwest Indiana is by Elizabeth Holmes.
Although the streaker was not on school grounds, the event did not happen during school hours and did not involve any of the corporation's schools, East Porter County was well within its legal right to suspend the student. Indiana law allows a school corporation to punish a student in violation of a school policy anywhere at any time, according to Dana Long, assistant director for legal services at the Indiana Department of Education.

Such consequences typically stem from criminal charges being filed, like underage drinking or drug possession. But in the case of the streaker, no police action was taken, according to Cpl. Michael Grennes, public information officer for the Valparaiso Police Department.

I certainly do not think it is appropriate for a student to "streak" in public. This action should be punished.

I do NOT think that the school he is from should have ANYTHING to do with the punishment, in fact, it is distrurbing that his school district can punish an act that did not occur during school hours or on school property is completely absurd.

The student should be punished by his parents and POSSIBLY by civil authorties.
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