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Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Indiana Libertarian Chair Responds to George Will

Mitch Daniels No Libertarian, Asserts Rutherford

Columnist George Will wrote favorably during the past week about US Representative Mike Pence and Indiana Governor Mitch Daniels. Leo Morris noted the column at his weblog "Opening Arguments."

However, Indiana Libertarian Party Chair Mark Rutherford has taken offense to Will's characterization of Governor Daniels as a libertarian.

Rutherford wrote:
Columnist George Will had this to say about Indiana Governor Mitch Daniels: "In the division between social conservatives, who emphasize nurturing virtue, and libertarian conservatives, who emphasize expanding liberty by limiting government, Daniels is with the latter."

No. Mitch is not now, nor has he ever been a Libertarian. And with such government-expanding actions as:

·advocating taxpayer money to build a new stadium for the multi-million-dollar business, the Colts;

·seeking to spend millions of dollars on an unnecessary Interstate-69 route when the state can't afford to maintain and upgrade current roads;

·dumping the state's tax burden onto local entities to fulfill the whims of the governor and the legislature;

Mitch Daniels will never become a Libertarian.
Mark Rutherford contact information: lpinhq@lpin.org Address: 156 East Market Street, Suite 600, Indianapolis, Indiana 46204

George Will contact information: georgewill@washpost.com. Address: 1150 15th St. NW, Washington, DC 20071.

Remember when Mitch Daniels was in the Bush Cabinet in the Office of Budget and Management. Remember how he turned a big old surplus into a big old deficit. Hey a leopard doesn't change his spots, gotta take care of his rich buddies. I mean after all the Govenor's mansion was just too shoddy to call home. Thars some gold in them contracts waiting to be let called campaign contributions at taxpayer's expense.
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