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Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Jim Leonard's "Close To Home" to Get Shifted by CBS for Sweeps

"Close to Home," the new television drama by New Haven (IN) native Jim Leonard will get shifted from its Tuesday night slot to Friday nights at 9 PM for the next two weeks during ratings sweeps. The CBS Television Network announced the change for both "Close to Home" and new series "Threshold" yesterday.

Zap2It.com notes that a Jerry Bruckheimer show will now be on every night of the week for CBS.
If these alternative time slots prove successful, CBS could make the moves permanent.

Neither "Threshold" nor "Close to Home" has been a failure for CBS, but neither drama has achieved quite the level of viewership the network had hoped for.

"Close to Home" has averaged just under 10 million weekly viewers, holding on to most of the 10.8 million people who watch "Amazing Race" each week. That's not bad, but CBS cancelled venerable drama "Judging Amy" (nearly 10.6 million viewers) in hopes of finding a younger Tuesday night audience. "Home" has fallen short of that goal.

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