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Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Leo Morris Swats Indy STAR Managing Editor

Leo Morris mocked the Managing Editor of the Indianapolis STAR Monday for the column the editor had written in Sunday's Star.

Leo wrote his comments in a piece called "Indianapolis Saved!" for his weblog "Opening Arguments."

Indiana Parley
had the same reaction Leo did when we read Dennis Ryerson's column Sunday. However, IP made the judgment that it would take too much space to explain Mr. Ryerson; after all, this hasn't been the first time we've looked askance at one of his columns.

A brief summary of Ryerson's puffed-up column:
Part of Leo's reaction:
The sheriff then realized the jig was up -- "Gadzooks, the newspaper is onto us!" -- and immediately arrested nine suspects thought to be responsible for 30 robberies. The newspaper editor went home and slept snugly, pleased that once again journalism had saved the city.

God, we can be insufferable. How do you people put up with us?
Ryerson had written: "Was there a connection between [the Star's] story and the announcement of the arrests? I'd like to think so."

Yes, Mr. Ryerson, I suppose you'd like to think so. However, we'd like to think that you don't have a very good understanding of the way police officers carry out their jobs and that you owe Sheriff Anderson, in particular, and all Indiana police officers, in general, an apology.

I had pretty much the same reaction to that column. I think "arrogance" may be the most descriptive word applicable. Like the old story about whether the man thought ignorance and apathy were significant problems in society. He answered, "I don't know and I don't care." At the Star it is ignorance and arrogance.
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