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Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Leo Reflects on His Blogging

Leo Morris Says He Reads Indiana Parley Daily

Leo Morris of the blog Opening Arguments and, oh, incidentally, The Fort Wayne News-Sentinel, looks back over his time in the blogosphere. He notes that he has hit a milestone - his 500th blog posting. He compares that number with the number of editorial pieces he has written in the same time span (fewer than 200).

Leo also reflects on the growth of the overall blogosphere during that time. Most importantly for our modest effort here is that he admits to checking out
Indiana Parley daily. The other two blogs he admits to visiting every day are those of our colleagues Nathan Gotsch (Fort Wayne Observed) and Tracy Warner at the Fort Wayne Journal-Gazette.

Leo doesn't say whether he views these visits as a guilty pleasure or a sound journalistic practice. All three exhibit editorial judgment. Both
Fort Wayne Observed and Indiana Parley are independent blogs unassociated with other journalistic enterprises. However, each has presented original reporting as well as commentary.

He writes:
Some real back-and-forth conversations are taking place, and news is beginning to be broken on blogs.
I would agree on both points. However, as I noted a few weeks ago to Doug Davidoff at Straight Talk PR - when bloggers repeat what is on each other's blogs and then engage in a back and forth discourse we may be doing nothing more productive at times than "taking in each other's laundry."

Yet, sometimes the practice yield comments, insights or even tips on another blog which wouldn't have been made by the readers of the original blog. And even if those insights do nothing more than deepen my own understanding of a topic, the effort has been worth it.

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