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Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Morning Coffee and the Wall Street Journal

This morning's Wall Street Journal offers up another one of the many items that makes life easier. The WSJ has a short column on the front page of its "Personal Journal" section called "Quick Fix." It is geared toward offering solutions to those vexing problems of the modern world.

Loretta Chao writes about the "Interactive Voice Response Cheat Sheet." It has tips on quickly bypassing the touch tone or voice-recognition mazes one has to negotiate when calling a company's customer service number. That is, it tells you ways to reach a living, breathing human being at a company.

The service currently has information on 110 companies.

The website of this much needed service is www.paulenglish.com/ivr/

I really could have used it last week.

Thank you for this link. I read the article in the WSJ and told myself I'd check it out later. Of course, I threw away the paper in the meantime and forgot the website. Thanks to some googling I found your site. You da man.
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