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Friday, November 25, 2005

Nicole Manske in the News

It's not often that Indiana Parley gets the jump on Fort Wayne Observed. But we do have news of a mention of Nicole Manske in an article by a Los Angeles dailynews.com sports columnist. Tom Hoffarth chronicles what are, in his judgment, the 12 Most Dubious Moments in sports coverage during the last year.

While this type of story is a little off IP's normal beat, this is something fun for the holiday weekend.

Hoffarth's mention of Nicole Manske was included in an item about sports reporters and their romantic interests which might cast doubt about journalistic objectivity. Writing about Fox Sports Net West reporter Carolyn Hughes:
The crime: Was taken off the Dodgers coverage in July after the swirling rumors became reality - she was having a relationship with Dodgers pitcher Derek Lowe.

The floodgates finally opened when a media watchdog Web site, RonFineman.com, reported the affair with compromising photographs. Lowe's wife, Trinka, contacted the team and FSN to inform them of the conflict of interest, among other things.

According to Fineman, Trinka Lowe also confronted Hughes after suspecting there was something afoot and posed the question: "Do you think this is an appropriate and professional relationship?" To which Hughes responded, according to Trinka, "Yes I do ... There is no crime."
He concluded that relationship story by writing:
While Hughes and Lowe continue to be seen together at Lakers and Clippers games, it hasn't stopped other athlete-reporter relationships from becoming public. New York Mets pitcher Pedro Martinez recently announced his engagement to ESPN Deportes reporter Carolina Cruz, although the network claims she no longer works for them. Indy 500 winner and IRL champion Dan Wheldon has also gone public with dating Nicole Manske, a sportscaster at WISH-Channel 8 in Indianapolis.
Hoffarth's other dubious moments with an Indiana connection include TNT commentator Cheryl Miller denying that her brother, Pacer Reggie Miller, was going to retire. She upbraided her broadcasting partner on-air for reporting such a thing. Two weeks later she announced it on TNT.

The other dubious moment concerned former Ball State University basketball coach Rick Majerus. Hoffarth writes:
The crime: During a Kentucky-Tennessee telecast in mid-January, the Wildcats built a 16-point lead with 3:30 left. Majerus remarked: "At this point in time, the game's over ... but I'm starting to look for Ashley Judd so I don't have to go home to the adult videos tonight."
What will be the reaction to this post over at Fort Wayne Observed? Watch for Fort Wayne Observed to respond by starting to cover an Indiana Parley reporting niche like, oh, IPFW basketball.

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