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Monday, November 07, 2005

Night of the Iguana; New York Times on the Lab at Indiana State

New York Times Profiles Iguana Brain Wave Research at ISU

Quite a lead for the November 8th
New York Times story by Carl Zimmer:

In a laboratory at Indiana State University, a dozen green iguanas sprawl tranquilly in terrariums. They while away the hours basking under their heat lamps, and at night they close both eyes - or sometimes just one. They lead comfortable lives pretty much indistinguishable from any ordinary pet iguana, except for one notable exception: the bundles of brain-wave recording wires that trail from their heads.

A team of scientists at Indiana State would like to know what happens in the brains of the iguanas when the lights go out.

And they will also likely be finding out what PETA thinks now that the NY Times has highlighted the ISU research project for a national audience.

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