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Thursday, November 10, 2005

Palmeiro Walks; David McIntosh Hits Home Run

Former Indiana Congressman David McIntosh began a new career as a lobbyist after his gubernatorial loss. A well-known new client this year is Major League Baseball star Rafael Palmeiro. Mr. Palmeiro, as you may recall, had a rather uncomfortable time as a witness before the US House of Representatives Government Reform Committee this summer about the use of steroids in Major League Baseball.

Mike Dooley of the Fort Wayne News-Sentinel had described Dave McIntosh's new gig a few weeks ago in his regular column "Dooley Noted."

If today's news reports are any indication, it sounds as though Mr. McIntosh got a homerun on his first at-bat because Mr. Palmeiro got a walk.

Howard Fendrich of the AP wrote:

Baseball star Rafael Palmeiro will not be prosecuted on perjury charges after lawmakers said Thursday there isn't enough evidence to prove he lied when he told Congress under oath that he had ``never used steroids'' -- six weeks before failing a steroid test.

The investigation did not conclude whether the former Baltimore Orioles slugger had actually ever used performance-enhancing substances prior to his testimony before the House Government Reform Committee.

``We couldn't find any evidence of steroid use prior to his testimony,'' Chairman Tom Davis, R-Va., said in releasing a 44-page report. ``That's not a finding of innocence, but it's a finding that we could not substantiate perjury.''

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