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Friday, November 18, 2005

Parley Poll 2 - The Early Line on the 3rd District

One year to the next election. One year from the last one. But you can vote now.

The Inaugural Parley Poll is now over. Parley Poll 2 is now up and running for the week. You can find it on the top right side of this page. The new poll concerns the 3rd District US House Race. The Parley Poll will be open from today until Friday November 25. Results of the poll question regarding the 2006 Allen County Republican primary for Sheriff will be recapped shortly.

The new poll includes the likely nominees of the Republican and Democratic Parties. It is expected that the Libertarian Party will also nominate a candidate. The name of the Allen County Libertarian Party Chair, Mike Sylvester, has been added to the poll as a placeholder for the Libertarian Party to avoid a party designation without a name.
Comments about Parley Poll 2 or any of the persons or parties listed in the poll are welcome.

The first two Parley Polls are being done back to back. However, Indiana Parley (IP) will not be doing continuous polls. This is intended to be an intermittent feature of the IP site. Not all polls will be regarding political candidates.

As we noted when we posted the first poll:
[t]he Parley Poll will be conducted from time to time to gauge the opinions of our visitors.

The poll is unabashedly unscientific. Its usefulness may come over time as its results are compared to its own prior results. At best, it will help gauge interest in certain public questions. It may even show movement when the same poll questions are repeated later. I hope it heightens interest in whatever topic is the subject of the poll.

Please keep any Parley Poll results in perspective. Viewers will be allowed one vote per day under the current standards for the conduct of this poll. Future polls may operate under a different rule. Any change in that procedure will be disclosed to the visitors of this site. This voting rule may have the effect of amplifying the percentage difference between poll answers.

The poll measures only the votes of viewers of Indiana Parley who individually decide whether to participate. If the poll concerns political candidates there may be participation by viewers outside the voting district for that candidate. Once the poll is posted, IP will not reset the poll counter. The proprietor of IP does not vote in the poll.

Selection of the poll questions and determination of the frequency of the poll are done solely at the discretion of IP. Selection of prospective candidates to include in a poll are solely at the discretion of IP.

Remember, you can post a comment anonymously if you wish. You will be asked to complete a short exercise in retyping letters before your comment is posted. This is a small measure to avoid spammers from loading up the comment boxes.

Full disclosure: I have been asked to advise the Souder for Congress campaign from time to time. Most recently, I have served as one of the "roasters" at a Souder for Congress fundraiser. None of the persons whose names are included in Parley Poll 2 have been told of the poll. Each of the prospective candidates for Sheriff in Parley Poll 1 was informed of the poll as nearly as possible at its inception.

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