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Wednesday, November 09, 2005


A quick glance at the right side of this page will show a new feature for Indiana Parley. The Parley Poll will be posted from time to time to gauge the opinions of our visitors.

The poll is unabashedly unscientific. Its usefulness may come over time as its results are compared to its own prior results. At best, it will help gauge interest in certain public questions. It may even show movement when the same poll questions are repeated later. I hope it heightens interest in whatever topic is the subject of the poll.

I'll also use it to ask you about features or contents of this blog.

All that being said, please keep any Parley Poll results in perspective. I am.

The first question is about the Allen County Republican race for Sheriff. The field seems to be taking shape this week. If you wish to comment on particular attributes of the candidates or you want to comment on the poll itself, do so at the end of this post.

Remember, you can post a comment anonymously if you wish. You will be asked to complete a short exercise in retyping letters before your comment is posted. This is a small measure to avoid spammers from loading up the comment boxes.

Also, one matter in the interest of full disclosure: I want to note that I have served as an advisor to Sheriff's candidate Ken Fries in his campaign. However, it is my aim to have Indiana Parley serve as credible source for news and opinion. Some may ask,"Then, why report any coverage of the Sheriff's race at all?" My answer would be that this site's coverage of the Sheriff's race, as modest as it may be - is my way of showing that Indiana Parley is really about credible journalism and editorial views in the public interest.

Ken Fries is by far the best candidate Republicans have for sheriff. His qualifications and candidacy far exceeds any opposition.
but the best overall candidate is the democratic candidate educated, experienced, innovative & committed to taxpayers, department, victims & allen county.
Ken has been committed to the Allen County Police Department since he was a teenager as a Police Cadet (Explorer Program). He is a long time member of the SWAT Team, Lieutenant in the detective bureau, has been a K-9 officer, worked in the Communications Division and was a Sergeant in the traffic division. He is a good family man. He has a supportive family and is a excellent father of three outstanding sons. A testimonial to the concern he has for the families of Allen County and their safety and welfare. He is open to new and innovative approaches to solving issues. He is by far the best candidate for Sheriff of Allen County.
Ken Fries is the best candidate for Sheriff for many reasons. Not only has he been and continues to be an outstanding police officer, he has a good background in business management. He comes from a large family, and learned early the value of a dollar. He would be a good watchdog regarding the taxpayer's money.
I've known Ken Fries for almost 20 years and he is a sincere, dedicated public servant. He has thoughtful ideas for improving the Sheriff Department and deserves the opportunity to implement these ideas.
Ken Fries should be the next Allen County Sheriff. He has the police background, the integrity, the people skills, the leadership skills, the management skills, the personality, and the forward/future thinking of whats best for the Department and the people of Allen County. Ken WILL do a great job!
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