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Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Sheriff News: Keesler in the Race, Taviano Announcing

Allen County Sheriff's Lieutenant Mike B. Keesler (pictured right) has confirmed that he will be a candidate for Sheriff of Allen County in the 2006 Republican primary. He had previously filed a committee with the Allen County Election Board.

Keesler is a 30 year veteran of the Sheriff's Department, having been hired in 1974 during the tenure of Sheriff Robert Bender. He is currently assigned to the Warrants and Fugitive Division.

Keesler has developed a campaign website as part of his election effort.

The Republican Sheriff's race now has three active contenders. ACPD Lieutenant Ken Fries is head of the Detective Division as well as Commander of the ACPD SWAT team. Mike Foster is a member of the Sheriff's Reserve and is a former Democratic candidate for Congress. A fourth possibility, Fort Wayne Police Captain Tom Rhoades has filed an exploratory committee.

Meanwhile, Allen County Sheriff Sergeant Tina Taviano is holding a news conference today to announce her candidacy on the Democratic ticket. Taviano is head of the ACPD Training Division.

Having known Ken Fries for many years, I can say, without qualification, that he is definitely the most qualified candidate. He is a man of outstanding honesty and integrity. I know that he would do an outstanding job and that the safety of Allen County citizens would be of prime importance to him. He has always been a dedicated officer and will continue to perform his duties in a selfless manner.
get to know all candidates. vote for the most qualified person, not just because that person is the only 1 you know. thats what the electoral process is all about learning all the candidates & choosing the most qualified who will work for all people in the county & try to save tax dollars
And remember that voters are hiring someone to run one of the largest enterprises in Allen County (if it were a stand-alone enterprise it would be in the Top 50 Employers, I think) - so qualifications matter!
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