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Monday, November 14, 2005

State Senator Murray Clark Resigns

Indiana Daily Insight reports that State Senator Murray Clark (R-Marion County) is resigning his seat today (Tuesday) to join the Baker & Daniels Law Firm.

IP Commentary:

A few years ago, Statehouse thought was that Republican State Senators
Murray Clark, Becky Skillman and David Long should be considered to be among the top candidates to succeed Senator Bob Garton as Indiana Senate Majority Leader when Senator Garton chose to step down from his leadership post. Skillman's move to the Lt. Governor's office and Murray Clark's resignation would indicate that David Long of Fort Wayne is well-positioned if Senator Garton makes that choice.

However, that's quite a big "If". Senator Garton shows no sign of inching toward such a decision to quit. In remarks to the Indianapolis Star a few weeks ago he seemed to signal that no one should be expecting such a decision in the near future.

He is the longest serving Majority Leader in Indiana history. He came equipped to the job with a management and communication style that has served him well. He may be taking a deep satisfaction in applying the knowledge gained over a long career. No one else has the institutional memory. That he is the kind of person who gains a deeper satisfaction each year is an admirable trait.

Senator Garton has done a great deal for the Indiana Senate. As long as he has the desire and competence for the job, it should be his to keep, imho. I've seen no evidence that his competence is waning, so I guess it comes down to his continued desire.

Also, it seems like Luke Kenley should be right at the top of the list for potential successors.
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