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Monday, November 07, 2005

Theaters of the Absurd

Leo Morris, writing in his blog Opening Arguments, notes a letter received from Ken Brown of Delphos, Ohio, who was shocked by the opening trailers at the Rave movie theater where he had taken his 10-year old daughter to see the moving "Dreamer." The trailer in question dealt with child prostitution. Mr. Brown was not at all pleased with what he termed the "disingenuous" response from Rave management in Fort Wayne.

On a related note, kids were shocked in New York at a Times Square showing of "Chicken Little." There, they had presumably already endured the trailers when the theater began showing the feature. Unfortunately, the feature was not "Chicken Little" but "Andrea," a film from the Dominican Republic which charmingly opens with an image of a boy hanging himself from a tree.

The New York Daily News reported that it took 5 minutes for the theater to get the film stopped.

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