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Monday, November 14, 2005

Were a Murder Suspect and His 14-Year Old Girlfriend in Warren?

Did a Pennsylvania murder suspect, David Ludwig, his 14 year-old girlfriend and a third person stop at a Warren restaurant? The Huntington Herald-Press is on the case. Warren is located in southeastern Huntington County just south of the interchange of Interstate 69 and Highway 5.

What is known for sure is that they were cheap. (Only 1 cup of coffee ordered between them) And they were suspicious. We know that because an unknown person called the Huntington County Police at 8:10 Monday morning.

The murder victims, Michael and Cathryn Borden of Pennsylvania, the parents of the 14 year-old girl, were killed on Saturday. The murder had been preceded by an argument about her curfew.
"It's completely insane, completely insane," Lancaster County, Pa., Coroner G. Gary Kirchner said. "This isn't a Romeo-and-Juliet deal. This is far worse than that."
America's Most Wanted said that
the Borden Family lived in the Warwick Township neighborhood for several years. Mike Borden worked for a printing company, and the children were home-schooled. Neighbors say the family knew Ludwig through a home-schooling network.
The suspected killer and the girl were captured by police about 20 miles west of Indianapolis on Monday at approximately 12:30 PM. The suspect's car crashed into a tree at Belleville, Indiana, following a police chase. The girl was unhurt.

Indiana State Police and the Warren Police were investigating. Part of their investigation includes the examination of the security videotape at Ugalde's Restaurant in Warren.

Sounds potentially like Charlie Starkweather in Nebraska in the 1950's, although with a shorter spree.
Also reported on NewsChannel 15 when it was news not history when the paper printed it.
Editor's Note: The News Channel 15 Report is timed at 4:25 PM. Do you know when they may have first reported the Warren angle?

The Huntington Herald-Press had it on their website in the early afternoon. Obviously, the newspaper won't be printing until later tonight - this was a good use of the online newspaper capability. I think they did a good job of original reporting and then posting the content on their website as it was breaking and as soon as it was available. It shows what a good small-city daily is capable of doing.

WANE-TV has gotten an objectively well-deserved reputation for getting on top of stories early.

Citing the Herald-Press doesn't detract from WANE.
WANE first reported the story at 11AM on the midday show.
OK, now tell us WHAT they reported.

Was it a quick news alert that the suspects may be in Warren? Was it an item just about the fugitive and his girlfriend (a hostage or an accomplice)? Or was it an on the scene report with image?
There was a reporter on scene interviewing workers at the place where they were seen. The reporter also talked to the police at the scene. The promotion is already on the air about this and lays out the chronology quite well I think.
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