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Friday, November 18, 2005

Yellow Journalism

DANE FIFE - Above the Rim

Dane Fife debuts at IPFW 's first regular season game Saturday against Loyola of Chicago as the youngest head coach in Division I college hoops. But Coach Fife is already watching over those aiming their shots.

The IPFW Athletic Department is marketing the new coach and his team in restrooms all over Fort Wayne.

We don't think Athletic Director Mark Pope will be too, uh... ticked off at Indiana Parley highlighting the IPFW advertising tactics to get the fans streaming in. After all, the object is to hit the marketing bullseye.

And, somehow, we think Coach Fife's old coach at Indiana University, Bob Knight, would approve.

Coach Fife was recently quoted as saying,
"The [IPFW] program hasn't had a lot of success in the past and because of that I think the expectations are relatively low. At the same time, my expectations are at the highest level, and we expect to have success here in a short period of time."
All we can say, Coach, is we hope you a
ren't expecting everyone in Fort Wayne to be aiming high.

Follow-Up: Loyola of Chicago's Ramblers defeat IPFW.
Related: The IPFW-Loyola connection. Former IPFW player David Simon was a walk-on who had transferred from Loyola of Chicago.

© 2005 by Mitch Harper

Hmmmm...interesting!!! I wonder if there would be anyway to measure the success of this particular marketing ploy!!!
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