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Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Larry Lee Gift to IPFW Announced


Larry Lee, owner of Leepoxy, and his wife, Linda, have donated $5 million to Indiana-Purdue University Fort Wayne.

This is the largest gift IPFW has ever received.

Indiana Parley has known for some time that Larry was providing a substantial gift in order to facilitate the building of an indoor track facility. The indoor track will be part of building project which will combine the Gates Athletic Center with the Walb Union and the Helmke Library.

What was not described in the general media stories regarding this track is that it is intended to be a national class track. That is, the track will provide for arena seating and other amenities which would allow Fort Wayne to be competitive as a host for top indoor track meets.

This isn't like a football stadium or basketball arena where there would exist many, many facilities in the same class. No, this is something in which IPFW would be in the same class as just a handful of other places.

And Larry Lee is in a class by himself.

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