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Monday, December 12, 2005

Pat Miller Stepping Down as Indiana Commerce Secretary

Patricia Miller to Resume Post at Vera Bradley

Governor Mitch Daniels has announced that Fort Wayne's Patricia Miller will be leaving as head of the Indiana Commerce Department. She is the co-founder of Vera Bradley Designs and will be returing to Fort Wayne and her leadership role within the company.

Vera Bradley is undergoing a multi-million dollar expansion and construction of a new headquarters and manufacturing facility at I-69 and the Lafayette Center Road interchange.

Indianapolis businessman Mickey Maurer will become Indiana's second Secretary of Commerce.

The Governor announced the selection of Patricia Miller to be head of a yet-to-formed Department of Commerce at the same time as he announced his choice of State Senator Becky Skillman as his choice for Lieutenant Governor. He referred in his campaign to both women being his running mates.

Photo of Becky Skillman, Mitch Daniels and Patricia Miller taken at the headquarters of Vera Bradley Designs in 2004

Photo credit: Mitch Daniels for Governor campaign website

Leaving after barely a year? There must be some backstory here. Come on, Mitch -- the reason people read blogs is to hear what it is.
Yep - I agree w/Nance. Sounds like something is probably going on...I'm sure Vera Bradley could have gone without her for just one more year so she could honor her committment....something's up.
Spelunking deep into an IndyStar story, I found this:

Miller, at a news conference with Daniels, said a health issue among Vera Bradley's management compelled her to go back. She declined to give more specifics.

The tired old MSM wins another one.
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