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Friday, January 27, 2006

Bob Chase Takes Fraser's Side

It was said that when Lyndon Johnson heard Walter Cronkite came out against U.S. involvement in Viet Nam, LBJ remarked that the administration had lost the American people.

The Fort Wayne area's equivalent to 1960's Uncle Walter might be WOWO's Bob Chase, the venerated and honored voice of Komet Hockey. Such is Bob's golden reputation that the "voice" should properly by capitalized. He is a trusted touchstone in Fort Wayne today and in Fort Wayne's collective memory.

Bob Chase broadcast his regular commentary on today's
Fort Wayne's Morning News . The subject was the expulsion of Jeff Fraser and the "expulsion in everything but name" adopted last night by the Northwest Allen County Schools Board.

Bob Chase said the school's action was not right.

Bob Chase just celebrated his 80th birthday. He is sharp as a tack.

He has probably seen more generations of young people involved in high school activities than any other working broadcaster in Indiana.

You'll be able to hear Bob Chase's Fraser commentary on WOWO's website. We'll provide the link as soon as WOWO has it posted. (Here is the link to the written commentary.)

I like the statement today by crazy lady guidance counselor that "Carroll HS is not Comedy Central."

Carroll has become the laughing-stock of the free world. I don't understand her "contra-comparison," but what is Carroll? CNN?

Its funny how those silly administrators are telling their staff members to go public. That gets them some administrative respect that can only amount to Brownie points!
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