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Monday, January 23, 2006

The Carter Family

Last week, Indiana Attorney General Steve Carter announced the appointment of three board members to clean up the administration of the Olin and Desta Schwab Foundation. The actions were taken by the A.G. to reform the Foundation following revelations of the conduct of the prior board led by attorney Richard Blaich.

Some folks in Fort Wayne who were following the Attorney General's nomination of the new board members understood the first two names, those of respected local attorneys Edward Beck and Erik Chickedantz, but didn't know much about the naming of the third member from Indianapolis, consultant/attorney J. Mark Mutz.

Mark Mutz is a principal in Mosaic Consulting. Mosaic has a contract with the Office of the Attorney General to provide certain services concerning the Attorney General's oversight of non-profit enties in Indiana.

Mark Mutz is also on the board of CICOA Aging and In-Home Services of central Indiana.

He is the son of former Lieutenant Governor John Mutz.

Attorney General Steve Carter got his start in state government by serving as an executive assistant to Lieutenant Governor John Mutz over 20 years ago.

John Mutz served as Lt. Governor from 1981 to 1989. He had earlier served with distinction as an Indiana State Senator from Marion County. He was the Republican nominee for Governor in 1988 and had earlier been the Republican nominee for State Treasurer.

Since his defeat for Governor, John Mutz has served in a variety of roles, most notably as head of Lilly Endowment, as CEO of Public Service Indiana (PSI), and as Chairman of the Lumina Foundation for Education. His is the Speaker's appointment to the Indiana Stadium and Convention Building Authority.

One of the first calls our home received after Steve Carter banned unsolicited telephone marketing in Indiana was from . . . you guessed it . . . the Steve Carter re-election committee.
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