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Tuesday, January 24, 2006

City Council Beats Back Property Tax Increase

Republicans Defeat Graham Richard Proposal to Raise Property Tax Levy

Indiana Parley was at the Fort Wayne Common Council meeting where Republicans, led by John Crawford, prevailed in defeating the Mayor's proposal to increase Fort Wayne's property tax levy.

More tomorrow morning.

Photo © 2006 by Mitch Harper

It is a good thing "The Republican City Council" beat back the Mayor's proposed tax increase.
I am actually quite surprised that they decided to vote it down.

Lets look at what the City Council has agreed with the Mayor on in the last year:

1. Raising city garbage fees by $1 a month.
2. Raising City water fees by a mere 25%.
3. Raising City stormwater fees by a paltry 65%.

I am amazed that they did not fully agree with the Mayor on raising our property taxes by the full 3.9% that he asked for. Instead they curtailed it to a 2.6% increase. Wow. Good for us!

Since they raised the above three fees I would think fiscal conservatives would be able to LOWER our property taxes this year.

Wake me up, I must be dreaming...

Mike Sylvester
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