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Thursday, January 19, 2006

A Different Teen Age Republican and School Discipline

Remember the story of Farris Hassan at the beginning of this year? He was the Florida high school student who took off, unannounced, for a trip to Iraq.

Did you know he is a Teen Age Republican, too? As the Miami
Herald reported:
A member of his school's Teenage Republican Club and the football team, Farris is described by classmates as a happy, friendly kid with an inquisitive mind.
Also, that Farris Hassan is...
...[d]escribed by friends and relatives as a straight-A student and self-starter, Farris had wanted to observe with his own eyes Iraq's shift to democracy. He had recently taken a journalism class about writers delving into their subjects' lives for a broader perspective.
What was the last thing reported about disciplinary action being considered at his school?
School officials are deciding what repercussions he will face for cutting school for a week.

''I imagine there will be some discipline situation, but right now we're trying to figure out what to do with that,'' Pine Crest President Lourdes Cowgill said.

She explained that Farris is an ''idealist . . . and has always been in good standing'' with the school. The trip to Iraq was not sanctioned by his teachers, she said.

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