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Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Feel the Love

Pat Love Makes Political Announcement in the City Council Chambers

Allen County Assessor Pat Love kicked off her re-election in, of all places, the Fort Wayne City Council Chambers. It has generally been considered improper to use taxpayer-funded facilities for political campaign purposes.

The use of taxpayer property such as the Statehouse for campaign photography has been an issue in recent campaigns.

Journal-Gazette carried a photograph of Ms. Love's announcement in this morning's newspaper.

She also used the opportunity to attack her likely Republican opponent, Stacey Lopshire, as part of the failed Ternet management team even though Ms. Love retained Stacey Lopshire as Chief Deputy.

Ms. Lopshire recently resigned so as to avoid a conflict with her campaign. More from the Journal-Gazette story by Benjamin Lanka:

“I am proud that after four years, the ineffectiveness of the Ternet management team is but a sad memory,” she said. “I have put together a winning team, and I am asking the voters of Allen County to allow me to lead our assessing community for another four years.”

Love, however, is running against Stacey Lopshire, not Ternet. When asked about this, Love said, “(Lopshire) was part of the management team that failed.”

Lopshire was Ternet’s chief deputy before being hired as chief deputy by Love. Lopshire said she was confused by Love’s criticism because Love hired her.

“I can only assume that if she kept me on, she kept me on for a reason, and that was to get the job done, and I did,” she said.

The Journal-Gazette also noted Assessor Love's multiple unsuccessful attempts to pass the Level 2 Assessor Test. Ms. Love said that she will try, try, try again.

Photo credit:
Janelle Sou Roberts for the Journal-Gazette

Due to the fact that Mrs Lopshire was the most experienced in the office during the Love Administration, I dont understand how Mrs Love can go about criticizing her. Lopshire kept the office afloat through the 2002 Reassessment, as well as the many turbulent issues that have tumbled in during Love's "reign." If there was ever someone right to be County Assessor, it is Stacey Lopshire. If knowledge is key, Stacey Lopshire is the Master Key, being a Level II Certified Appraiser-Assessor for many years, while Mrs Love can barely scratch the 50% mark on the state issued examination. The office will hurt, undoubtedly, without the knowledge and experience Stacey Lopshire brought in, however... She will be back in 2007. That is a guarentee.
As a Democrat, Pat Love, is an embarrassment to our party! I'm sure I won't be the only one switching parties to vote for Stacey Lopshire.
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