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Monday, January 23, 2006

Fort Wayne Gains Jobs

Business Start-Up Creates New Jobs; Fort Wayne Seen as Growing Market

David and Elizabeth Kulp of Fort Wayne have started a new business enterprise.

As far as is known, these entrepreneurs did it without a subsidy, training grant, tax abatement, or tax increment financing district. Nor was the redevelopment commission involved.

Despite the fact there were no economic development "tools" used you'd still think the economic development folks might be touting the addition of any jobs to the Fort Wayne market. It's not stopped officials before. If eco devo "tools" were not used, they tend to make the claim that they "created the business climate" for the new venture to take root.

So you'd think there might be some official crowing. It's always an honor to have the Mayor come out to turn the first shovel.

And the name of the new business is surprisingly close to the explanations offered up in the wake of the recent wave of job losses in the area.

What are we referring to? Well, the new business is called PoopHappens. It's a yard hygiene service for dog owners* who are too busy to keep up with their pets' doings. In other words, they deal with the aftermath of expulsions.

Erika Nordblom of the News-Sentinel had the full scoop in today's paper.

Dan, over at Fort Wayne, Indiana etc., thinks so much of the service he's become the newest customer. He wrote:

A unique part of the service is they will also let you know about any unusual waste your dog may have in his stool. That would have been interesting around my house 9 years ago when my Lab was a pup. One crispy fall morning I was walking through the yard and came across a pile-o-poop only to find two of my son's little plastic green army men sticking out of the pile. Upon further investigation, I found several more piles with as many as 20 of these poor GI's sticking out. Some ready to throw a grenade others crouched down ready to sniper the next Kraut.

*The term would be "dog guardians" in Bloomington IN

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