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Friday, January 20, 2006

Fraser Update

Many persons have been asking why Jeff Fraser didn't appear for a promoted interview this morning on Radio Station WBYR The Bear 98.9 FM.

Indiana Parley can report that it was due to consideration of Mr. Fraser being in a situation where open-ended comments could be made.

Mr. Fraser intends to be attending the Teen Age Republican meeting tomorrow morning at Republican Headquarters. As noted earlier, the meeting will feature remarks by 3rd District United States Representative Mark E. Souder.

Other parts of Federated Media were also talking about the expulsion. WOWO afternoon drive personality Pat White devoted a half-hour of his program to discussion and call-ins regarding the actions taken by Northwest Allen County Schools Administrators.

Also, you usually think of the Journal-Gazette's Tracy Warner and the News-Sentinel's Leo Morris facing off each other in the courtroom of public opinion. But the Fraser matter has them sounding like they are ready to face each other in a real courtroom.

Leo Morris, of course, already has a weblog appropriately titled "Opening Argument." He opined on legal matters yesterday in his weblog. Today, Tracy Warner faced the bench assisted by co-counsel Tom Pellegrene.

More: Robert Rouse has some interesting comments about "Zero Tolerance" at the weblog Left of Centrist.

More: Weblog The Royal Flush picks up Indiana Parley's post on Jeff Fraser. The Royal Flush is self-described as a "Mini-Me version of Instapundit. A Royal Flush is the best hand in poker. Here we seek the best of the conservative blogs and outstanding posts from the Conservative Blogosphere."

More: Mike Sylvester has posted an interactive poll on his website asking participants to vote on whether Jeff Fraser should have been expelled.

More: New Media Journal has picked up the Fraser story.

I had fun on WOWO with Pat White... I was about 10 minutes of that coversation...
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