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Monday, January 23, 2006

Huntington County Challenger to Congressman Dan Burton

Michael Clements, 27, has filed as Democratic challenger in the United States Congressional District served by Dan Burton. Dave Schultz reports in the Huntington Herald-Press:
As Clements sees it, it's not about what his stands are - and he does sidestep his personal views on social issues such as abortion and gay marriage. He sees those as state issues, not federal issues. "A lot of that stuff has to do with state's rights, I believe," he said.

What it is, he said, is what the people of the 5th District want.
Clements completed St. Thomas University School of Law in Florida in December 2005. He was the student American Bar Association Representative while there. Clements believes that the voters will respond positively to someone with a background in law. He told Schultz this:
"I look at it this way: If you're house needs plumbing, you don't call a carpenter," Clements said. "You call a plumber. I think it helps for (a politician) to have an understanding of the law and its ramifications."
He said he was influenced by his grandparents.
Clements grew up around politics. It was hard to avoid, with his grandfather serving on the Huntington Common Council and both of his grandparents party chairmen.

"My grandfather and my grandmother were very instrumental in the shaping of my desire to perform civic duty," he said.
The intermittent weblog "Fort Wayne Politics" reported on December 2, 2005 that the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee had listed Clements as a challenger to Mark Souder in the 3rd District in a weblog post entitled "Michael Clements for Congress. But in which District?" The weblog reported that:
Clements' Committee address was 5659 Coventry Lane in Fort Wayne but that was changed to 2266 Markle Road in Huntington on November 22nd.

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