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Friday, January 27, 2006

Indiana Student Parody in the News

No, Not THAT One.
This Time it's Northwest Indiana and Kouts High School

Today's Northwest Indiana
Times carries a story about high school student parodies in Indiana resulting in discipline by the school authorities.

The high school in issue is Kouts High School. The medium this time is not print, but weblogs. The punishment this time is a 10 day suspension with threat of expulsion.

Times reporter Elizabeth Holmes has the story here entitled "Students Suspended Over Web Postings."
"The administration has always been a little irrational," said Kristi Lynch, a graduate of Kouts High School who now attends Indiana University. "To make such a large deal out of a parody is just them kind of making examples of them."

[Superintendent Rod] Gardin disagreed with Lynch's assertion.

"Any time a student is disciplined it's a response to their misconduct," he said.

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