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Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Just an Unfortunate Coincidence?

It has been our habit when first picking up the News-Sentinel to get to the Local section first and read the obituaries. Opposite the obituary page in last night's News-Sentinel was a three-quarter page ad asking:
AMERICANS ARE COMMITTED TO BEING #1. So Why Aren't We Leading the World in Broadband?
This was over a large photo of a swimmer facing lanes in which an image of the habitable continents were superimposed on the water. (page 2L, Jan. 04, 2005, News-Sentinel)

The ad goes on to advocate a change in "outdated telecom laws." It was sponsored by the "United States Telecom Association" which has a website at www.thefuturefaster.com.

On turning to Section A of the paper we opened the editorial page. The lead editorial by Bob Caylor was about supporting changes in Indiana telecommunications laws.

What are readers to think about this content of the News-Sentinel? That question made us think of one of the big stories of the day - that of the guilty pleas of lobbyist Jack Abramoff. Juries in the potential future trials of public officials will be permitted to draw certain inferences about the relation of expenditures on vacations and dinners and subsequent support by Members of Congress for changes in Indian casino laws. Ah, just a thought.

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