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Saturday, January 21, 2006

Kevin Knuth Creates Weblog

Find Out Why He Thinks Skies Should Be "Cloudy" All Day

Kevin Knuth of Fort Wayne has created a weblog devoted to explaining Wi-Fi issues.

Mr. Knuth is a vendor of Wi-Fi equipment to municipalities. He wrote of his visit to the National League of Cities:

Recently, I attended the National League of Cities annual event- the 2005 Congress of Cities and Exposition.

As you will come to know, I work for a company that sells WiFi equipment. As I spoke to those in attendance, I heard the same thing over and over: "I know we need to have a city WiFi cloud".

However, most of these folks did not know WHY they needed a "cloud", what it really meant, or any of the issues involved- ranging from technical to political.
Mr. Knuth is also the Chair of the Allen County Democratic Central Committee.

Update: Kevin Knuth advises Indiana Parley that he has a more fully-featured site for providing news on wireless internet. The URL is UnwireYourCity.com. The Blogspot site mentioned above could probably be put in the category of a brief experimentation.

Actually- the proper URL is www.unwireyourcity.com.

I did not use the "blogger" software for various reasons.
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