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Wednesday, January 18, 2006

More Carroll High School News

In This Instance, the Television Station Got Expelled

There has been online discussion of another Carroll High School student incident which also occurred in December. This time, the student behavior was not examined but there was a permanent expulsion...of television reporters and video photographers.

This from Medialine:
I am not sure who originated the quote “Doth mine eyes deceive me?” but I can be reasonably certain he wasn’t talking about what a few people saw on WANE-TV, Channel 15, and wished they’d been deceived during a Dec. 16 interview after a Carroll High School basketball game.

The interview occurred in the Carroll locker room. At one point, a player who was not in the foreground flashed a part of his body that should not have been visible in the background.


WANE-TV’s news director Ted Ling confirms the incident. He says the camera crew was in an area of the locker room that everyone presumed was safe.


Carroll High School Principal Deborah Neumeyer says she doesn’t know whether the nudity was intentional or unintentional: School’s out and the students are gone.

Her main concern is that film crews stay out of locker rooms.

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