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Wednesday, January 25, 2006

More Fraser

Leo Morris, writing for the News-Sentinel, comes down on the side of scaling back the expulsion for Jeff Fraser in an editorial written for today's afternoon edition.

But the NACS board should scale back the expulsion. That’s the option that would restore a sense of proportion. We’ve learned that Fraser has sent a letter of apology to adminsitrators his book might have offended. That’s a good place for the school board, which will consider the issue tomorrow night, to start discussions.

And the NACS patrons – parents, taxpayers, students, teachers, ordinary citizens – should encourage the board to do that, but in the spirit of a collaborative effort rather than a confrontational one. Students don’t have absolute First Amendment protection in a school setting, but they need a reasonable amount of free expression. Schools don’t have absolute dictatorial powers, but we must allow them to set and maintain the standards that will create a good learning environment

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