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Friday, January 27, 2006

The NACS Statement

Tracy Warner comments on the statement released by Northwest Allen County Schools last night regarding the disposition of Jeff Fraser. Mr. Warner's full weblog, of course, contains many more posts he has made regarding the Fraser matter, includind the one titled "Fraser and the First Amendment."

The Journal-Gazette carries a story by Kelly Soderlund on last night's meeting. It included this comment from Carroll High Guidance Counselor Kathy Lepper:
“Carroll High School is not Comedy Central.”
No kidding.

No matter where one comes down on the Fraser issue, all can agree that statement is true.

WOWO Radio AM 1190 contains a link to Fort Wayne Observed and its posting of the actual pages of the Fraser "book." WOWO has a poll posted asking listeners to vote on whether the Northwest Allen County Schools over-reacted.

A full copy of the book in PDF format has been created and posted by Fort Wayne, Indiana etc.

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