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Friday, January 20, 2006

Putting the Kids "On Crate"

The Wilson School Stops Punishment for 'Disorganized' Students

The Muncie Star-Press reports that Wilson Middle School in Muncie has ended the practice of punishing students by having them carry books and supplies in a milk crate.

The practice of requiring kids who had failed to bring all supplies to class by having them carry all their supplies in a milk crate predated the current principal's tenure.

Was it a good practice or a bad practice?

The school ended the disciplinary technique after a complaint from one parent about possible physical effects to her child.

But the school also reported that some parents actually called the school asking that the sanction be imposed.
"This idea got started even before I got here (in 2004)," [Principal] Phelps said. "We have parents even call and ask if (a child) can go on 'crate.' A kid is not put on 'crate' if they forget something one time."

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