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Friday, January 20, 2006

A Spicy New Blog for Fort Wayne

Fasten Your Seatbelts.

There's a new weblog covering the area. It's Fort Wayne Indiana etc.

If the posts for the first two days are any indication it's going to be spicy hot. That's HOT like a pepper.

Let's use the Scoville Scale for comparison. Indiana Parley aspires to be anything from a jalapeno to a cayenne on its hottest days. Usually, it's just an ancho.

Fort Wayne Indiana etc.? It looks to be habanero hot. Everyday.

FWI etc. takes on Graham Richard's State of the City:
Retain and gain jobs? lots of laughs there.

January 20th - Waterfield Mortgage - 650 jobs lost
January 19th - Swiss-Re Est. 40 jobs
January 20th - Gibralter Box - 50 jobs

That's 740 jobs this month alone. What the hell is he talking about?

Also, I doubt the infrastructure will improve much now that Aboite has been consumed by the Socialist Republic of Fort Wayne. They'll be too busy keeping us rich brats happy.
Then FWI etc. has things to say about WOWO's Pat White:
Fort Wayne Moron of the Year - 2005

Pat White - A guy who thinks that any advertiser's product is the absolute best in the world.
And then FWI etc. is on to Kevin Knuth:
Blah-blah-blah... Kevin Knuth needs to find something more productive to do than throw falsehoods at the media, which gladly gobbles them up.

Maybe he should focus on getting rid of David Roach, who is an Ex-Klan Member that plans on running as a Democratic for Allen County Sheriff. LMAO. I didn't even know Roach was still around, and he now claims to be a “voluntary covert operative” for local law enforcement.
There's plenty more. Nancy Nall and the Downtown Improvement District's Dan Carmody get mentioned, too.

And the whole enterprise is illustrated. The art illustrating the post about Mayor Richard is shown above. The photo illustrating a discussion of Fort Wayne's snow removal...well, you'll just have to go see that for yourself.

I checked this out-

Guess what? That art work is familiar- Dan Tourkette used it to run advertisements against Mayor Richard- because he was a major supporter of Linda Buskirk when she ran for Mayor (BOTH TIMES).

So, it is quite hypocritical for Dan to criticize Mayor Richard for the annexation of Aboite. Linda said she was going to do the same if she had been elected- and Dan seemed to support the idea then.

So Dan? I have to ask the question- why was annexation okay if Linda was doing it, but not okay when Graham finished it?

Sometimes- bloggers just cannot hide who they are.
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