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Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Tracy Warner on the 1st Amendment

Tracy Warner has written a new post for his weblog about the possible outcomes to be expected from the Northwest Allen County School Board on the Jeff Fraser matter.
Some other bloggers in town, notably Fort Wayne Observed and Opening Arguments, seem to think the punishment against Carroll High School Jeff Fraser should be linked to the level of the fairness of criticism in Fraser's "Carroll (The Book.)" Using this logic, school administrators and school board members get to decide how much criticism is too much criticism. That's not the way the First Amendment works.
What of specific punishment? Warner writes:
Northwest Allen County Schools officials can never justify Fraser's expulsion based on the contents of his "book." This expulsion will have to be based on whether Fraser used school computer equipment in writing or printing out the book. If he did, discipline short of expulsion is appropriate. If he didn't -- if he was expelled because school officials didn't like what he had to say about them -- any discipline is inappropriate, immoral and unconstitutional.

I have written on this issue extensively on my blog over the last week and a half. I just finished another post an hour ago that sums it up.

The punishment does not fit the crime for a first time offense. It is not more complicated then that.

Mike Sylvester
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