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Monday, January 23, 2006

What the Game's Been Missing

Alex at Snider Comments on "Free Fraser" at His Weblog.

There's another Fort Wayne weblog that has something to say. This one is "What the Game's Been Missing" by Alex.

He commented yesterday on his contemporary's situation at his post entitled "Free Fraser".

He's into speech, rap, and conservative politics. He self-describes himself as "definitely not a Republican." This is largely, because in his view, the Republicans nationally don't seem to be sufficiently concerned with smaller government.

His political self-description:
My name is Alex, and I am a conservative.

I'm not a Republican, keyword not. If you'd asked me when I started to be truly interested in politics (about mid-2003), I would have sided with the GOP, but I later started to learn more and more about how the GOP has failed to live up to their platform. It seems they live up more to the Democratic platform.

Maybe that's why Dems hate Republicans so much; Republicans do a better job at spending other people's money! On top of that, George W. Bush, budget-wise, is the most liberal President we've had since Lyndon Johnson ("Great Society," anyone?).

The Republican Party actually got some things done in the 90s, but only because they were not in executive power. Take for example the cutting down of spending and the deficit (NOT the "balancing" of the budget. That never happened, unless you call stealing money from Social Security to make a false surplus "balancing.")

The GOP Congress passed budget cuts through; Clinton took the alley-oop by signing the cuts and claimed the credit, because he's a player. (That's player with an er; he can't be a "playa" because he has horrible taste in women, Lewinsky oral sex innuendo not withstanding.)

Don't get me wrong -- the GOP is more likely to keep the flag red, white, and blue, and not let it turn just white.
Another sample:
So far, I've been less than impressed by Bloomington. Since it's a college town, I saw at least five cars with left-leaning bumper stickers on them. One of them said "DRAFT YOUNG REPUBLICANS." That pissed me off immensely, even though I don't throw it up for the GOP click. Most of the college kids are off on break, so the streets were rather quiet, but they just reeked of the kind of college-town coffee-shop mentality that I abhor.

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