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Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Blaich Dead - Some Remaining Questions

The Allen County Coroner's office has confirmed to news agencies that the dead body found at Kress Road yesterday is indeed that of Richard Blaich.

The weblog Fort Wayne Indiana etc. may have been the first outlet to have actually made the news public.

There are some questions remaining about both the manner of death and about the actions of Blaich and other former board members of the Olin and Desta Schwab Foundation.

First is whether Mr. Blaich took steps to make - what is being called an apparent suicide - his death appear to be an accidental one. If the investigating authorities confirm such information, then we may know if his last earthly act might have been one to attempt to commit fraud.

The second is how far the state of criminal investigations into the actions of past board members had progressed and how close such investigations might have been to producing criminal charges. Related to that is whether any possible charges being contemplated could continue without Mr. Blaich's presence or testimony.

The third are questions about the way in which Parkview Health Systems figures into the connections between Blaich, former Schwab board member John Dortch (former personnel head at Parkview) and Blaich's widow, Barbara (a nurse and formerly a top quality control executive at Parkview). This has been a largely unexplored area in the Journal-Gazette's coverage.

The fourth is related to the Mr. Blaich's cancers. While Mr. Blaich had said that he had cancer, some in the business community have questioned why he didn't seem to change in appearance on those occasions when he was seen during that period of his illness. Just prior to the onset of the public questioning brought on by stories written by the Journal-Gazette's Dan Stockman he had indicated to others that he had been cured. The question, which we will assume will have a public answer as part of information to be released later by the coroner's office, is whether Mr. Blaich had been diagnosed and treated for cancer.

Addendum: Blaich friend writes letter to Journal-Gazette.

Why was the Prosecutor at the scene of the "crime" of an OBVIOUS suicide/accident?

Is she looking for records- I hear that Mr. Blaich gave her a lot of campaign money.

Inquiring minds want to know.
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